I saw an opportunity to fill a need, then did it.  ...really quickly!

Hi, I'm Anthony Zambai!  I'm an avid shooter, artist, and enthusiastic tinkerer.  I'm always on the lookout for a clever product or business idea.  I saw this idea on Reddit one fateful Friday.  A very talented guy named Josh Geho, from Glen Rock Pennsylvania, made a little flowerpot with Federal HST bullets as a Valentine's Day gift for his well deserving girlfriend.  He even turned the little flowerpot on a lathe out of billet aluminum!  An overwhelming number of "I would buy that right now" comments ensued and I decided I'd try to build an entire business in just one weekend.  I researched, devised a plan, made my own fixtures, built prototypes, bought domains, built a website and Facebook page, devised a marketing campaign, and opened my doors for business, all in 3 days!

Sometimes you do something just a little crazy, right?  Well this is my crazy little venture.  It involves 3 of the things I love, art, shooting, and tinkering.

Bullet Bouquets
11906 Barrett Street
Parker, CO 80138