Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bullet Bouquets located?  How long will it take to get my package?

We're in Denver, Colorado.  Typically packages take 1 day to make it one state over, 2 days to go intermediate distances across the country, and 3-4 days to make it to the coasts.

How quickly do you ship?

Bouquets, Vases, Boutonnières, and Jewelry:  95% of orders (including most custom etched flowerpots) placed before noon MST are shipped the same day they're placed.  Only orders containing custom image etched flowerpots and very large orders need an extra day to fulfill.  Orders placed after noon MST are shipped the next day.  Expedited orders (FedEx 2-Day and faster) move to the front of the line and are fulfilled before non-expedited orders.  We do not ship on Saturday or Sunday.

Firing Pens:  Firing pens are shipped no more than three business days after purchase.  Expedited orders (FedEx 2-Day and faster) move to the front of the line and are fulfilled before non-expedited orders, but can still require up to three business days to ship.  We do not ship on Saturday or Sunday.

Can you deliver packages exactly on Valentine's Day?

We have two delivery options for delivery to the lower 48:  Day before Valentine's Day delivery, and Valentine's Day delivery.  If you choose one of these delivery options, we'll ship your package via FedEx 2-Day shipping two days before your requested delivery date.  We do guarantee that we'll get the package to FedEx on the correct day.  After that, it's FedEx's job to deliver on the required date.  We tried out this shipping method in 2018 for the first time, and it worked great, so we're confident to do it again in 2019!

Is there lead in these bullets?  Are they safe in my home or office?

Yes indeed, these bullets are copper jacketed lead, and after firing through a gun and expanding, the lead is deformed and "turned inside out".  We clear coat the lead so it is mostly safe to handle, but we recommend washing your hands after touching it.  Also, keep away from children and pets (or anyone who might want to put these flowers in their mouth).

Can I rearrange the flowers in my flower pot?

Yes sir!  The copper wire flower stems in your flower pot are quite durable and can take many, many new bends.  Having a bad day and don't like your flowers staring at you in the morning?  Turn them around one by one and marvel at your ingenuity!  The lead flowers are clear coated for your safety, but remember to wash your hands after touching them.

Can you ship to countries / states with higher gun restrictions?

We're doing our best to comply with the myriad of local gun laws, but we may not have everything perfect.  If you see a mistake here, or have info to add, Bullet Bouquets will be eternally grateful if you can help with this list.  The expanded hollow points don't breach any state laws, even in the most gun restricted areas, like Washington D.C. and California.  However, the possession of reloadable components is regulated in some areas, and the "soil" in my flowerpots is .22LR spent cases.  Spent .22LR cases are technically reloadable, if someone had way too much time on their hands, so in the states where reloadable ammunition components are heavily regulated, we will puncture the bases of the cases before shipping them.

States with no restrictions:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


States / Districts / Countries that cannot be sent unmodified .22LR brass cases:

Washington D.C.



What does the "compliant brass" look like?

We puncture all the .22LR brass cases in international shipments, as well as MA, HI, and DC, rendering them un-reloadable and compliant with local laws.  Here's what that brass looks like:

Which countries will you ship to?

This list is growing, so if your country is not listed, send us a message, and we'll make sure shipping to you won't cause an international incident.  We'll then probably add your country to the list and allow you to complete checkout:










Hong Kong







New Zealand





South Africa

South America


United Kingdom

United States (see above for specifics)

What caliber are these flowers?

We use bullets in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.  Each flowerpot has an assortment of those calibers in it, but we put at least one large (.40 or .45) flower in each pot.

How big are the blooms, flowerpots, and vases?

Blooms:  The small blooms have a 1/2" to 5/8" diameter, the medium blooms have a 5/8" to 3/4" diameter, and the large blooms have a 3/4" to 7/8" diameter.  

Terracotta Flowerpots:  The 3, 4, and 6 bloom bouquets stand about 4" tall and use a small pot, which has a 1.75" diameter and is 2" tall.  The one dozen bloom and twenty bloom bouquets stand about 5.5" tall and use a medium pot, which has a 2.5" diameter and is 2.5" tall.  The 36-bloom bouquets stand about 6.5" tall and use a large flowerpot, which has a 3" diameter and is 2.75" tall.

PureBloom Glass Vases:  The 3, 4, and 6 bloom bouquets stand about 4" tall and use a small vase, which has a 2" in diameter and is 1.5" tall.  The one dozen bloom and twenty bloom bouquets stand about 5.5" tall and use a medium vase, which has a 2.5" diameter and is 2.5" tall, with the tallest flowers extending 5.5" above the bottom of the pot.

Do you provide tracking info with your shipments?

Yes, tracking numbers are sent in shipping confirmation emails, which are sent in the afternoon / evening that your package ships.  Didn't get your shipping confirmation email?  Please check your spam folder, for some reason our shipping confirmation emails often end up there.

How discrete is your packaging?

We ship in simple brown cardboard boxes.  "Bullet Bouquets" appears nowhere on the box or shipping label.  Our return address includes only the letters "BBI" as a business identifier.

I'm using Safari and I'm getting error messages on your secure store.  What do I do?

Try a different browser, like Chrome, and everything should work fine.

What is the "soil" in your flowerpots?  Can I have a different caliber of soil?

We use a mixture of .22LR, .22 Short, .22 WMR, and .17 HMR empty brass as "soil" in the flowerpots.  It is not glued in place so you can have fun adjusting it.  We've experimented with using different spent brass cases for the soil, but in our opinion, the .22 brass looks far better.  If you are dead set on getting a particular caliber of brass soil in your flowerpot, we will build it for you at an additional cost (centerfire brass costs far more than rimfire brass).  We just want you to be happy with your flowerpot!

How do I replace the ink refill in my firing pen?

The refill in your Firing Pen is a Zebra 4C.  It comes in several different colors and line widths, in both ink and gel.  There's even a pressurized version that writes upside down, similar to the Fisher Space Pen.