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Ever seen a Glock with 10k rounds shot through it?

Ever seen a Glock with 10k rounds shot through it?

What does a Glock 21 look like after shooting ten thousand rounds?  Belly up to the bar and check it out!  This is one of the two Bullet Bouquets company guns that was a workhorse for the company for a couple of years.  Since it’s a company gun, it receives little to no respect, and has only been thoroughly cleaned twice.  Yep.  Two cleanings in the course of 10k rounds shot through a suppressor.  

She shines up alright, eh?  Yep, it blows my mind how it still looks like a new gun.  


The underside of the slide, definitely some black oxide missing from the stripper ramp, but everything looks pretty good here.


Sear face looking nice and crisp, no appreciable wear.


Breech face and firing pin.  Plenty of missing black oxide here, but all else is good.


Another shot at the underside of the slide.  The extractor isn't very visible in this photo, but it is in great shape.


The tip broke off of the recoil spring rod at during a shooting session. I did some quick machining to get it back into service, and immediately ordered a replacement.  Miraculously, I've never needed to replace my hack job with the new assembly.  Of course if this was a carry gun, I'd get the new spring assembly in there immediately.  



Some missing black oxide on the barrel.


No discernable wear on the barrel’s locking lugs.  Barely any black oxide even missing.


It’s tough to get a good photo of wear on a barrel.  There’s definitely a little scuffing going on in there.  I cleaned and cleaned this bore in order to make sure that what you’re seeing is not carbon or copper deposits.  Those are real scrapes and scuffs in there.  


The standard missing black oxide on sliding surfaces and where skin oils wear it off.


Frame internals looking just fine.  I'm amazed that these simple stamped steel parts can take such abuse and keep on working perfectly.  


The vast majority of Glock 21s out there will never see this kind of abuse, but isn't it good to know that they can take it?  If you carry a Glock, and you're concerned that too much practice and training will wear out your gun, I can say with some certainty that there's no need to worry.  Happy shooting!




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  • What a great idea I love them! My only concern is the lead content. Are they coated so children don’t get lead poisoning?

    Christina Riehm

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