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Full Auto Magnet Assortment

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Each assortment is made of an equal number of small, medium, and large magnets.  Use the "Select assortment size" dropdown to take advantage of volume discounts.

We use strong neodymium magnets to turn our bullet blooms into functional tools.  These really have quite a bit of holding strength, but they aren't so strong that they're dangerous.  The Small Booming Magnets are made from 9mm hollow points, while the Medium Booming Magnets are made from .40 S&W hollow points, and finally the Large Booming Magnets are made from .45 ACP hollow points. 

Handmade in the USA!  Price in USD.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
B Walla
Excellent quality magnet blooms

The magnets are well bloomed and symmetrical. It’s a great way to view/display the size of mushroomed hollow points of the calibers included. Great quality product!

Sara F.
Perfect for groomsmen gifts!

Perfect for groomsmen gifts!

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