• Bullet Bloom on a Stem (One by One)


    Bullet Blooms on Stems are fun project starters.  Use them to add a little firepower to your boutonnières, wedding bouquets, corsages, or whatever your mind can dream up!  Each bloom is soldered to an 11" piece of copper wire.  Use the wire as an anchor, or tie things together with it, then trim off the excess.  Looking to buy a bunch of these?  Click here!

    Small blooms are 9mm Luger and are 1/2" dia.

    Medium blooms are .40 S&W and are 5/8" dia.

    Large blooms are .45 ACP and are 7/8" dia.

    Handmade in the USA!  Prices are in USD.

    Looking for bullet blooms without the stems attached?  Click Here!

    Small (9mm):

    Medium (.40 S&W):

    Large (.45 ACP):